America’s Promise Ministries

America’s Promise Ministries was founded in 1967 by Christian Identity preacher Sheldon Emry. Emry spread the message of the church and grew its membership by purchasing airtime on dozens of radio stations nationwide.

When Emry died in 1985, his son-in-law, Dave Barley, took over leadership of the church. In 1988, Barley moved the church to Sandpoint, Idaho. The church became a vital part of the neo-Nazi, white separatist and Klu Klux Klan culture in the area. Aryan Nations founder Richard Butler and KKK leader Louis Beam spoke regularly at America’s Promise Ministries’ gatherings.
America’s Promise Ministries distributes mail-order copies of radical right literature such as The Anti-Federalist Papers, the Holocaust denial Did Six Million Really Die? and Emry’s Christian Identity book Who Killed Jesus?

While attendance at the church has dropped significantly over the years, America’s Promise Ministries continues to spread its message through its publishing business and summertime family retreats all over the country.


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