Vanguard America

Vanguard America is a relatively new, white separatist group led by Dillon Irizarry. The group uses the slogan “Blood and Soil,” which represents the notion people with “white blood” have a special bond with American soil.

Irizarry believes youth is the future of the white nationalist movement and focus recruiting efforts on males, 18-24. According to membership requirements listed on the group’s website applicants must have at least 80% white/European heritage. The group prohibits “homosexuals, transsexual, adulterers, or any other form of sexual degeneracy,” as well as criminals and addicts.

James Fields, the man who drove a vehicle into a crowd of counter protestors in Charlottesville, Virginia, was photographed wearing Vanguard America symbols shortly before the attack. Vanguard America leadership denied any affiliation.