What do they believe?

White separatists believe in the creation of a society in which all races live separately. It is their belief that the mingling of any two races degrades the purity of both. These groups present themselves as non-violent political civil rights organizations.

The majority of white separatists groups do not overtly engage in violent group acts. When individual members of their groups commit hate crimes, the leadership of white separatist groups quickly try to distance themselves. More often than not, white separatists groups stage protests or rallies in areas designed to illicit the most violent, public response.

Acts of Violence

In 1981, Michael Donald, an African-American man, was lynched by to members of the KKK in Mobile, Alabama. The lynching was reported to be a retaliation for the racially-mixed jury for the trial of a black man accused of shooting a police officer during a burglary. The murder is the last recorded lynching in the United States.

The Order, a white nationalist revolutionary group, murdered radio talk show host Alan Berg in 1984.

Hate groups

Aryan Brotherhood